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Welcome to The Overstand Podcast! This podcast will serve as an open forum where husband and wife duo Jackie and Ali, will be able to discuss various topics with no hesitation, no boundaries, and no censorship. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

123 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Welcome to the blog Mo-Ments or Idle Thoughts and it is most likely that in it, or elsewhere in my writings, you will find a lot to discuss in the manner you describe. Go for it – there is no copyright.

  2. Thanks for liking my blog! It is my very first go at something like this so I hope you guys find it interesting. I will definitely do my best to follow you as well!

  3. Hi, Overstand Podcast People,

    I want to say thanks for following me at http://www.oldspouse.wordpress.com.

    I have to throw in here that if you enjoy my “This Old Spouse” column, I think you’re gonna love this:


    It’s a terrifying story called The Oklo Device.

    At the bottom of the smashwords page you’ll see a link labeled “View” and other download options for mobile readers under reading formats. Take a look at the story; see if you get hooked. If you like the story, please share with others. This is the only way good things happen today–agents and publishers are of the dinosaur era. They’re slow; they’re frightened; and they’ll eat you if you’re not careful. We’re on our own. I truly believe in this book. If you do, too, share it with someone. Thank you!

    And thank you so much, again, for being one of the faithful.

    Best regards,

    Roger White

    “This Old Spouse”

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