Episode 1 – The Alpha

Here it is! Episode 1 of The Overstand Podcast. In this episode Jackie and Ali discus various topics ranging from appropriate tipping at restaurants to agism.

The Alpha Ep 1


25 thoughts on “Episode 1 – The Alpha

  1. Hilarious! Good stuff.

    Makes me want to join the conversation.

    So I will!

    When I was about eleven I had a Dental Assistant mess up the mixture (good-old days of gassing every patient) of Nitrous and Oxygen – she got it backwards and I was on 80% gas and 20% oxygen – which I take it was backwards anyway. My whole body was going numb and I was clawing at the mask, but she insisted; “No sweetie, that has to stay on.” When the dentist came in he clearly panicked. My lips were blue and he immediately had me on 100% Oxygen.

    Luckily for the dentist that was before we sued everyone for everything.

    To this day I blame my lack of career advancement on the brain damage that must have caused.

    Keep up the good work. You guys have great chemistry. Nice down to earth dinner conversation. Looking forward to your guests.

    BTW, I’ve got you guys beat. My wife is twelve years younger than me. Works out well, she is still more mature than I am.

  2. This is seriously the funniest thing I have ever heard.. When I listen to it, I think there is no way they could top what they just said.. and then they do! I can’t wait for next week. Jackie I love you for everything that you said and your researching abilities. Ali I love that I can hear when you smile when you talk and I’m so happy your tooth feels better. And no one wants to help with returns because people are ridiculously lazy. You tipping skit is hilarious. I only tip for takeout at this one Chinese food place.. because Chinese children work there (literally, they’re like 10 years old) someone has to pay for their college. Please cover your rules of etiquette for dealing with awkward situations/weird people and some good tips for traveling! xo

  3. Thank you for the kind thoughts regarding my blog work-especially my semi-fiction character of Her Serene Highness, The Princess Melita Bonaparte. I studied Princess Marie Bonaparte, her courage to help Sigmund Freud, and decided to have fun with the concept of unemployed monarchs in the 21st Century, ironically more highly regarded by social climbers in republics than in countries where they have been retained. One of my favourite lines in the film CABARET: “They should bring back the Kaiser, there was order in those days.”

  4. This is so good!!! I just have to listen to the next later on LOL! WoW !!! Keep on going 🙂 btw my daughter was 4 years old when she gave/ got her first offical kiss:) they are still together, (friends hahaha.. don’t think so) she turns 5 years soon… My husband got the kiss captuered in a photo at the daycare xmas party 🙂

    So fun to listen to u 2, down to earth dinner table conversation.
    You gave me just that right natural fun feeling of joy!!!

    • Haha wow that is AWESOME!!! She’s gonna cherish that picture when she gets older. What a cool thing to have. Thank you so much for your kind words. So glad that you liked Episode 1 and can’t wait to hear what you think about the rest thus far! If you get a chance, please subscribe to, rate, and review us in iTunes!

      Thanks again!

  5. Hello Jackie and Ali, Your podcast is lively and interesting. It’s like sitting at your dining room table and listening in. Your voices are so clear, and Ali’s has a lovely musical way to it. Thanks for stopping by my Blog and following it. My best to you.

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