41 thoughts on “Parental Advisory

  1. I was intrigued by your description of the podcast and downloaded all four available episodes. After listening to the first one and a half, I’m hooked. I am now a subscriber and I look forward to more. Good job!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words and for listening and leaving us feedback. We are thrilled that you are enjoying our podcast and are now a subscriber! If you get a chance, leave us a rating and review in iTunes as well!

      Thanks again and keep in touch!

  2. You used my favorite word, sporadic!

    Sometimes an “f bomb” is necessary. It drives points home and notes passion!

      • I have read, listened and I will not comment on everything simply because it is to much. I absolutely love what you are doing and I have you on follow and I will review you in iTunes and give you a max. rating. Because i think you are awesome. WEll done and well presented. YOu have a new groupie. Sorry for the caps but my keyboard is being stubborn. I tried to repair it.. I shouldn’t have.

        Awesome work.

  3. Wow, thanks for the blog follow – like what your doing here … I need to come with a Parental Advisory …as a matter of fact, they should have tattoo’d it on me the day I was born – In Vegas! (NO JOKE)

  4. Thanks for the like. And yes, too many people confuse lack of censorship with explicit content. It only means that you are free to have your say, in whatever form that may take.

  5. Amen. Censorship is not about protecting the innocent, its about control. I needed to read this. I posted a sex thought, then apologized for it, and for who? Those that decided to read it?

  6. That’s good to hear..I’ll try and make regular visits.
    Thanks for following my Blog.
    Have a good week. 🙂

  7. I’m not gonna lie, I only want to comment because I might want to get involved with something cool from ground 0… or ground 6 since you’re 6 episodes in now. I haven’t listened to your podcast yet but I’m a pretty big podcast listener so I might check it out. I’m not a very motivated person though so it takes a lot of energy for me to do things in pursuit of entertainment…

    Anyway, I’m just a nobody and you can just go right ahead and ignore this comment if you want.

  8. Hi Jackie and Ali, thanks so much for the support of my blog GJ’s Closet. I can’t believe you responded so quickly to my McDonald’s post. I literally just posted it and you read it—wow! I’m so flattered. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I plan to write more satirical pieces and of course, follow your podcast. I loathe censorship and I love hearing people share what they believe about what’s going on in the world without inhibition. F-bombs, big deal, we’re all intelligent people we can handle a few fucks and shits or whatever as long as it’s the message that gets across not the gratuitousness. Be yourselves, move your minds and others will follow. And thanks again! (I posted another one you might enjoy too!)

    • Your blog is awesome! Great work! Thank you so much for the kind words and for listening in! We will definitely be checking back on your blog to see what’s going on and if you get a chance, please subscribe to, rate, and review us in iTunes!!

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