11 thoughts on “Episode 5 – 2 Lame

  1. Interesting stuff guys.
    I totally agree that human beings, if pre-motivated, can kill someone with anything, from a plastic spoon to a rifle. The outbreaks of violent murder that we’ve been seeing lately is what I personally think as a symptom of disharmony in society. Having lived in two different countries–one with a high crime rate, and one with an extremely low crime rate, I think that the issue can be healed with proper community support. But that’ll probably take awhile. Although, if this IS the case with our society, giving these people easily accessible weapons that allow for killing someone quickly is probs not the best idea.
    Illuminati forevs.

  2. Love your podcast! Although I agree with most of your opinions when it comes to gun control, you’re right on one hand. Does anyone NEED an assault rifle, probably not, but does the government have the Right to tell us we can’t have one? If someone is a law-abiding citizen and has gone through the proper paperwork already set in place? I believe these disturbed people have mental issues that probably should have been caught before. Anyway keep up the great work!

  3. I like the stricter background checks and making certain guns illegal b/c there are alot of people buying guns that could end up creating some real issues for govnt or law enforcement in the future, so there is also another aim. As for folks with mental illness that is another issue we need to tackle.

    Also in California, Chicago, NYC, Philly, DC, North Carolina, Detroit, and probably some other places gangs are acquiring all kinds of guns they use on one another and even law enforcement. I mean the half doesn’t make it to the news, and I am not even talking about the militia groups around the country renaming themselves and what they are to dodge the law. Lotta crazy stuff going on in the country, that isn’t being reported on the news. The ATF together with the FBI and regular law enforcement agencies find out and prevent many situations like what occurred in Boston recently. Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League have released all types of info on this for those who follow the blogs/magazine/newletters…. regular news agencies do not report on the half of it.

    Subscribe to the Intelligence Report. Check out some of the back issues even.

    Also, American citizens go to Cuba all the time when they are vacationing in the Islands. In the Islands as part of your traveling package it is offered to you. Sometimes private agencies make it available.

    How come you guys don’t have an email posted on here. I looked, I really wanted to send some of the above via email.

  4. Hey there.

    Thanks. Didn’t really want to post a novel here but I didn’t have your email. LOL. Thanks. Got it now!

    Yeah the Cuba thing weirded me out when I first found it out. I was completely undone like…but I thought…. [to giggles]

    Yeah, not sure I trust the reporting of the Boston bombings either. I don’t swallow everything the media reports. These are corporations and honestly…well…that’s for email. LOL.

    Thanks for the email!

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