6 thoughts on “Episode 6 – Law of Attraction

  1. What a really interesting blog – great idea. Thanks for the follow – I’m going to put a link to this discussion on the blog for the staff and students here at the University.

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    • Thank you so much for your comment and for the piece your wrote on your blog. We are so glad that you enjoyed Episode 6 so much so that you referred us to your followers. Also enjoyed the disclaimer about the profanity ;-). Thanks again! If you do get a chance, please subscribe to, rate, and review us in iTunes!!!

  3. I am a great believer in law of attraction, and positive thinking, power of the mind. Have done cosmic ordering many times, and it worked (have another page called earthangelsdiary). I spent 3 years in trauma, so had no option but to focus on NOW as tomorrow didn’t exist and was literally a white space. You are quite literally what you think, and you can have anything you want in life – just put your mind to it. This is very true. If only you knew…. when you spend a long time, being forced into now – only now – there is no cheating. Its an incredible thing to do. to experience. Every day I wake happy. Every day no matter what happens, I feel great. If I need money, I not only ask the universe for it, I visualise it, i see it. I live it. The energy that you send out there to the universe is indeed what will be sent back to you. The biggest thing that holds people back, is a lack of faith or belief. And also not knowing what they want. Focusing on what they do not have. Interesting blog 🙂

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